Grants & Research

C arter Consulting Corp., provides grant and management services to agencies nationwide. These services include research, sources of funding, guidance and technical assistance in preparing and submitting grant proposals. Examples of grant assistance include:
·         Researching local needs
·         Locating potential sources of funding
·         Supplying clients with current federal, state and local funding opportunities
·         Coordination and guidance of grant preparation
·         Consulting of grant submission and reporting.

We search and develop an extensive list of potential funding resources. We can also compose letters of inquiry for the granting agencies that request one.

Grant Funding Search:

 Carter Consulting will write and develop grant proposals, in response to RFP’s.  This service includes consulting, utilizing needs assessments, brainstorming workable solutions, as well as cultivating goals and objectives.  We draft an evaluation plan, prepare documents for submission, proof read; submit to the funding source and follow-up. 

Grant Proposal Review:

If your organization wants a completed proposal evaluated prior to submission to the funding source, our company can help.   We can proofread your project, making sure it matches the Request for Proposal and funding guidelines.  We score the proposal, identify weaknesses and make suggestions.

Grant Proposal Development: